Convention and Media Thoughts…

Since I watched Bill Clinton speak at the DNC, I decided to hear Senator Obama’s acceptance speech.  Like Clinton, he made reference to the successes of those years the last time his party held the oval office — welfare reform, balanced budget, etc.  Funny that neither of them mentioned it was a Republican congress that helped push it all through. 

Meanwhile, in what’s sure to earn a place in Webster’s under the definition of “irony,” Joe Lieberman spoke at the RNC last night, and while he had the unfortunate task of running second fiddle to Fred Thompson’s excellent speech, Lieberman at least concededed that Clinton had to reach across party lines to make his accomplishments. 

And then there’s Governor Palin.  ABC’s trio (Sawyer, Gibson and Stephanopoulos) covering the RNC last night relayed to their audience that Republicans intend to say that the criticism falling on Palin was a creation of the media.  Well, read this, and tell me some of that ain’t so (HT: Dirty Harry’s Place).  

Pundits like to throw around the word “myopia” whenever someone dares disagree with their opinons.  That’s OK.  Discussion is good.  Freedom of speech is good.  That each side has the opportunity to rouse their supporters and attempt to draw new ones is good.  So pundits, journalists, broadcast anchors: go for it, but be careful.  Your myopia is showing.


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