Sarah Palin at the RNC

Saw Palin last night.  Loved it.  If that makes me a “partisan hack” or whatever then just go ahead and slap the cuffs on me (and I promise not to go into how I thought Hillary Clinton actually did well on her speech last week). 

As much as I want to go nuts over this and get excited, there’s that department in my head that lives under a sign that reads “reason” that will not leave me alone.  I want to cast an informed vote, and speeches only say so much.  What matters is what a person does.  (Or, should I channel Batman and say, “It’s not who I am underneath, but what I do that defines me.”).

As far as speeches go, however, last night’s was very good.  Both sides have delivered the kind of thing I enjoyed hearing from Martin Sheen whenever he delivered Aaron Sorkin’s words on The West Wing.  From the talk I’m hearing, Palin inspired a lot of people last night.  I heard Rush say today that he hasn’t seen the Conservative base this fired up in 14 years.  I like Palin so far, and I really want to believe that we have in her the kind of leader we need. 

But so far, all we have is words.  I’m trying real hard not to get my hopes up. 

The next weeks will likely shed a more reasonable light on things.  Once the frenzy dies down, cooler heads can dig into things, and we drop more of the mad rumors.  Scanning the internet, a comment regarding Palin’s political career in Alaska has received swarming play across the blogs, but not a single serious news outlet has touched the story. So far, its all just hearsay.

I want to believe that a great day in America is coming.  I want to believe that the people who lead the nation can take on domestic corruption and evil foreign regimes with the tenacity of Eliot Ness and his Untouchables. I want to believe because I do believe this is a great nation.  This is a nation that has survived more than 200 years and that has produced leaders and soldiers that have literally saved the world.  I already believe my country is great.  And I want it to stay that way.


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