There Are No More Excuses

Congratulations to the 44th President of the United States of America. 

Martin Luther King Jr. once said that America is essentially a dream. As of last night, there are no more excuses.  Boys growing up without a father today know that the dream is theirs.  All minorities know today the dream is theirs. The great American experiment, regardless of how one may feel about the campaigns waged these last 20 months, landed a tremendous victory last night.

One day, we’ll parse the details, we’ll look at the numbers, we’ll examine the issues and we can debate the various concerns this elections season has wrought. For now, I’m hanging onto this: There are no excuses. 

I live in a beautiful country this morning.  Last night was not a loss for conservatism.  But there is much to do, and I face that task with sound courage.  The time is now.

“You can measure a great nation in a lot of different ways. You can measure it by the strength of its military, the growth of its economy, the gleam of its cities. We are a great nation by those measurements and many, many others. But you can also measure a nation by how many of its families are broken, by how big its virtue deficit is, how many of its children cry themselves to sleep at night….The fact of the matter is that…all over America too many of our children are crying themselves to sleep. Too many children without a father’s arms to comfort them, too many children exploited by sex or drugs or pornography, too man children that have bought into the popular culture’s song that if it feels good do it. By those measurements, this country is in danger of becoming something much less than a great, great nation.” (Gary Bauer)

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