Greydanus on 007

quantumofsolace-1Casino Royale reinvented the 007 universe in a way that lent greater complexity and depth to a genre that had started playing on its own cliches. Quantum of Solace, which premieres today, looks like it takes a step backward.  From Steven T. Greydanus’s review at CT Movies:

If the unconventional title Quantum of Solace, more redolent of “Star Trek” cerebralism than the id-driven 007 world, held out any hope that the much-anticipated follow-up would be in any way analogous to The Dark Knight—that is, an even more ambitious crucible for the newly minted hero, a soul-searching exploration of chaos and order in a world of escalation, failure and incalculable exigencies—well, no such luck.


Quantum isn’t a complete waste. [Daniel] Craig’s charisma holds up even when the screenplay lets him down. And while there’s nothing here to compare to Casino‘s opening parkour pursuit sequence, the chases and fight scenes are entertaining and sometimes strikingly well staged. Three years ago, Quantum of Solace would have been a pretty good Bond flick. Two pair isn’t a bad hand. It’s just anticlimactic after a royal flush.

I imagine Dirty Harry will have some problems with the film as well, given the plot point that the US government aids military coups in foreign countries whenever there’s oil in it for them.  Shame, really, that Casino should receive such a banal follow-up.

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