Reviews on the way…*BUMPED*

UPDATE: Turns out I’m (hopefully) seeing The Incredible Hulk (2008) tonight, so we’ll add it to the list as well.  I promise to do my best to avoid any Shrek-on-steroids jokes.

When it comes to writing reviews, I am a little deficient in my discipline, and I’ve decided that needs to change.  So, in the hope that posting this on the blog will keep me somewhat accountable to the six or seven of you that read this, I reserved a pair of films I’ve been itching to see, and intend to review:

Notorious (1946)

Picnic at Hanging Rock (1975)

Since things are starting to settle down now with kidlet number two (who has taken to sleeping longer stretches as night much quicker than kidlet number one), I want to get back in to doing this.  I want to build up my resume a bit before I try to assert myself upon some of the web-based review circles that might allow me a greater audience.  Besides, it’s good practice.

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