“You always had a hard time finding your place in this world, haven’t you?”

The new Star Trek trailer:

I’m a little mixed here.  I like it, and yet…

Portions of it looks like it could suffer the same challenges J.J. Abrams and his screenwriters failed to overcome with Mission: Impossible III – separating it somehow from Alias.  Action, explosions, sex and violence, stern words and furrowed brows.  Even the hammy lines (I like this ship, its exciting!), and the catch-phrases banter (Buckle up!).  Nothing there to convince me this rises above anything we’ve seen a hundred times before. 

Christopher Pike’s (Bruce Greenwood) narration as a young Kirk (Chris Pine) stares up at the Enterprise under construction breathed new life back into the mythos, if only for a moment. It hints at the possibility that Abrams was serious when he said he wanted this film to inspire the kind of awe he felt first watching the original Star Wars.

If Abrams can reacquire the magical sense of adventure, including the dynamic chemistry of the three leads, then we may just have a success.  Trailers mislead as much as they excite, so I am witholding judgement until I see the credits roll and the lights come up. This Trekker wants to come out of recovery.


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