Ending the world, one movie at a time

Hollywood will release at least two end-of-the-world nail biters next year over the spring and summer months.  The first comes from dir. Alex Proyas, whose acclaimed Dark City I have not seen (something I intend to rectify soon). I enjoyed I, Robot, however, and Proyas, at least as far as my limited knowledge can discern, has a solid grasp on thematic exploration.  His latest conceptual ride, Knowing (premieres March 20, 2009), has similar potential (plus, I’m a sucker for these movies). Here’s the trailer:

And then we have 2012 (July 10, 2009) from Roland Emmerich, who hasn’t really hit a homerun since Independence Day (Update — did I really forget to mention The Patriot?). His penchant for B-movie schtick lends his movies a small degree of charm (I still think the original Stargate was a blast).  Like the last time Emmerich tried to end the world, 2012 will likely sport a large cast, lost of impressive visuals, and a plot about as deep as a wading pool.

But I’m also a sucker for disaster movies.


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