Pins and Needles; Trailer Watch


First, Ain’t it Cool News posts a photo of boxes supposedly containing a four-minute trailer to Avatar, James Cameron’s first film in 11 years (12 by the time it hits theaters). Yesterday, Cinematical posts what they think is the first piece of official artwork from the production. 

Principle photography wrapped months ago, which leads me to ask: are we ever going to get a look at this movie? 

The film is still more than a year away from release (Dec. 17, 2009), and thought it’s rare, trailers have run that far in advance before. I guess I’m just antsy. 

Cameron started dropping hints about this film as far back as 1997, supposedly waiting until now for effects technology to reach the point of making his vision possible to capture on film.  Avatar will screen in 3D, similar to the technology used for U2 3D released earlier this year. 

Critics will debate the merits of his work—style over substance, etc.—but he is a true innovator, and to me, a compelling storyteller; one whose spectacle serves the story rather than his story serve the spectacle. 

I do not care about his politics. I do not care that he tried to “prove” Jesus never rose from the dead. When he steps behind the camera, his imagination soars, and I have never not enjoyed the ride.

(note: the poster, I’ve learned, is a fake – I just like the look of it)


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