Happy Thanksgiving!

thanksgiving-dinner-1-tA few Thanksgivings ago, soon after my brother first got married, I hitched a ride with them to visit the grandparents in Kentucky.  They had never met my sister-in-law, and it had been, well, years since my brother and I had seen them.  On the way there, we decided to warn my new sister-in-law about the turkey. 

My grandfather had strange eating habits.  He took coffee, strong and black, with every meal, and never took a sip until he cleaned his plate.  He liked his food well overcooked.  That means steaks and pork chops in their house looked as thin as cardboard, and felt like cardboard in your mouth when you chewed.  I still imagine cardboard tastes better. 

The Thanksgiving turkey received the same treatment, and my brother and I wanted to make sure my sister-in-law knew what she would have in front her at the table.  I don’t remember who brought up the idea of stopping at Captain D’s.  Fish on Thanksgiving kinda dampens the sentimentality of the holiday, but we were there to see family and visit, and we saw no reason why these activities should include eating dried turkey. 

When we showed up at the grandparents’ house, we insisted we had already eaten, but my grandmother’s insistance is a powerful and formidable foe. I don’t know why we did not anticipate this, but she cajoled us into sitting down and at least having a little bit of leftover Thanksgiving turkey.

To this day I refuse to believe the bird sitting in her fridge was cooked in her oven.  I do not often use the word “succulent.”  Some food just does not earn such a stong, compelling adjective. This turkey sure did, and darned if we didn’t sit there and stuff ourselves.

I’m not really sure what the moral of this story is, or if it even has one.  Were I to try and glean one, it would be that no matter how smart you think you are, God will find a way to undermine your schemes, and do not think for an instant that He will refuse a chance to have a good natured laugh at your expense.  Just remember He invites you to laugh with Him.

Happy Thanksgiving.


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