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fearlessI first saw this movie one night on HBO years ago (I think I was 14) and never really got to see the whole thing.  I knew the premise, but not much else.  I came in a few minutes before Rosie Perez’s character suffers a complete mental breakdown over losing her child in the plane crash, and watched in stunned, perfectly riveted silence as Jeff Bridges strapped her in the back seat of the car, and plowed into that brick wall. 

Watching the tool box come flying through that windshield still haunts my brain. 

Of course, when you’re 14 and you attend a church that thinks movies were made by the devil’s minions, sharing the experience of watching something like that earns you some scary looking glares.  Anyway, 14 years later, I have a used copy of the film coming in the mail.  After reading Robert K. Johnston’s writing on Peter Weir, I’ve wanted to dig in to trying to parse the meaning and significance of his films myself.

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