Back to the Future Returns to DVD

backtothefuturemikefoxYears ago, I went through a period I can only describe as a psychotic episode. I imagine most people go through something like this — you’ve just gotten married, you’re about to finish college, and the world you once thought fit into a nice, neat little black and white bubble suddenly looks a whole lot bigger.  Everything takes on a kind of angry melodrama not unlike a bad after school special.  Feelings of guilt creep into your conscious awareness, provoking a response. Mine was to get rid of any movies on the shelf that contained “offensive material.”

As you can imagine, this means I eliminated a fair quantity of my inventory.  Looking back at the purge, though it embarrasses the hell out of me, it did help shape my understanding of stories, my response to them, and the tension between the sacred and the profane.

Among those discarded films was Back to the Future (HT: FilmChat), which will get a new 2-disc DVD release on Feb. 10th.

The way I see it: if you’re gonna build a time machine into a car, why not do it with some style?


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