Rebooting Robin Hood

robinhoodBecause, why not, right?

Dir. Ridley Scott has tapped Russell Crowe to retell the Robin Hood legend in Nottingham.  And like most reboots, Scott has decided to tweak the details a little to reinvent the myth.  According to MTVNews (via FilmChat), Crowe will play both the English hero, and the surly villain.

Yes.  In an early twist, supposedly, Robin Hood also assumes the identity of the Sheriff of Nottingham.

Add to this that IMDB describes the plot as a love triangle between hero, foe, and the lovely Maid Marion. All I can say is at least they didn’t try to turn Little John into Little Jane (though, it’s early, and they still might).

The Robin Hood legend has seen retellings from Stephen Lawhead, as well as a recent BBC series (pictured).  Perhaps, on some level, there’s a perceived need for his return to the big screen. Though this rash of reboots does begin to make one hunger for the days these iconic directors actually CREATED something.

(image (c) BBC)


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