Numinous Movements in Music

music-noteYou know the feeling when, over your morning coffee, you remember a song that holds some memory or significance, and lo and behold you hear it on the radio on your way to work? I like that feeling.

I do not attribute it to anything, really — I do not think it’s fate, or God’s way of trying to tell me something (though I would not put it past Him). But I have learned to anticipate it. If a line of a song pops in my head and won’t go away, I’ve learned that if I wait long enough, I’ll eventually hear it.  It just always seems to happen that way. 

This year, I kept thinking about this peculiar Christmas song I had heard once while my wife was trying on blouses at a JC Penney. It was an 80s punk tune set to Christmas, and while I do not ordinarily listen to early 80s punk rock, I found my foot tapping along with the beat, and every Christmas since, I would catch the last 30 seconds or so on the radio.

Except this year.

All I could remember was a fragment of the chorus — “Merry Christmas, Merry Christmas, something something something this year.” And I kept thinking I should jump onto Google and figure out what this song was, and perhaps, finally, hear the whole song from beginning to end. It occupied my mind so much I felt certain I would hear it on the radio. I never did. Nor did I ever bother to Google it.  And, this being Dec. 26, I surrendered and just figured I would have to wait and hear it again next year.

Until I saw cft’s comment on my post about irritating Christmas music regarding the song “Christmas Wrapping” by The Waitresses.

The comment led me to this story, which immediately triggered the memory of that illusive punk rock Christmas song.  Turns out I was reading about the song’s creation–even had a tingle at the base of my neck telling me cft was leading me to the right song.  Googling the article even led me to a video of one intrepid homeowner who set his Christmas lights to blink-out to the song’s rhythm and blues. 

So thank you, cft.  You had a hand in the numinous this Christmas, and probably didn’t even know it. ;-)

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