When the trailer was better than the movie

Number 3 – The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

Here’s a classic example of a trailer that promises a lush, full story, where the actual product is much emptier.

Benjamin’s gimmicky age-reversal is curious—the rest of the film unfolds as a ponderous look at mortality, while neglecting the implications such “unusual circumstances” would hold. You can’t build a full-length feature out of whimsy.

But the trailer does everything a good trailer should—tempt you with the unforgettable. Unfortunately, that’s a goal the film never achieves.


1 Response to “When the trailer was better than the movie”

  1. 1 cft999 January 2, 2009 at 1:29 pm

    Great choice. Was chomping at the proverbial bit to see “Button” after seeing its inspiring trailer. But the film itself lacked the wonder and magic alluded to in the trailer.

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