When the trailer was better than the movie

Number 2 – The Matrix Reloaded

I was among the happy few that got to see this attached to Attack of the Clones. I thought the original Matrix was a fine film. A little flawed, but a gorgeous “neo-techno-noir” piece with a certain…well, class. The original film follows the hero myth to the letter—even has a resurrection scene—and tells a solid story brimming with an implied scope that left audiences hungering for more once it was all over.

This teaser was our first glimpse. It resonates with the first film’s strongest attribute—the surrender of these characters to a something far greater than themselves. Lawrence Fishburn’s voice teases us, and haunts us, with its implications. “This is a war, and we are soldiers. What if tomorrow the war could be over? Isn’t that worth fighting for? Isn’t that worth dying for?”

Morgan Freeman could not have made that sound better. (All right, maybe he could have.)

What we got in 2003 was a bloated video game, and a lot of mindless pontificating with an absolutely unnecessary rave scene. Jeffrey Overstreet put it best when he said it felt like characters would fight just for the sake of saying hello.

And for what it’s worth, as HISHE said, Morpheus should have been the one to die for Neo.

Here’s the trailer.


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