Somebody please reprint Orson Scott Card’s novelization of The Abyss

abyss_movie1Count me among those who enjoy this entry in the James Cameron library. 

I have read maybe two film novelizations, and found them both pretty awful.  I later learned this to be the general reaction to a book adapted from a film–in reading up about them just a little bit ago, the most common adjective, I believe, was “trashy.” 

A few novelizations, however, are reputed to be excellent reads, chief among them is Card’s work on The Abyss.  Cameron had given Card greater creative control over the novel, and the result, say the faceless “they,” was better than all right. 

On a whim today, I checked the local library, and sure enough, they do not carry a copy.  I’ve had good experience with some of the vendors selling used matieral on, and I can score a used paperback copy there for $5 plus shipping.  Thing is, I’m a nerd for hardcover books.  It’s my prefference.  But, upon seeing the $51 price tag, and learning its the cheapest, I may just have to settle. 

Other novelizations said to be better than trashy reads…

Alien, by Alan Dean Foster
E.T., by William Kotwinkle
Amerika, by Baruna E. Pouns


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