A quick word about Knowing

nicolas_cage_knowingWent to see the movie over the weekend.  I want to try and write something a little more substantial in response to the film, but I wanted to get this down in the meantime.

(Quick warning–I’m going to spoil things a little here, and the film is really best enjoyed knowing as little as possible before hand.)

I’ve read and heard an assortment of reactions to the film, particularly the ending, which turns a few echatological preconceptions on their ears.  And then there’s the “aliens.” 

Presuming the beings at the film’s climax are simply aliens blurs the other implications raised by the presence of those prophetic numbers.    More than anything, as Chattaway already noted in his review at CT Movies, the film challenges conventions. 

When Jesus came into the world, the culture at the time had a lot of ideas about the kind of role the Messiah would play when he arrived.  Jesus defied all of them.  It’s not too big a stretch to think that, when the final days do occur, they will defy many of the ideas we’ve previously held. 

What we have in Knowing, I think, is more of a redemptive parable.  I can see how some would find the whole idea ridiculous, but there’s a measure of absurdity to any fantastic tale.


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