When Trailers Strike Gold – Part 0

Independence Day

Independence Day

Were someone to poll me on my least favorite things, arriving at the movie theater and finding a seat in the dark as a film’s opening minutes blaze on screen would easily make the top five. 

I don’t just love the movies; I love the whole experience.  I enjoy the smell of popcorn, finding a plush reclining seat, and I enjoy getting to watch the trailers before the lights dim all the way down and the movie starts. 

Cutting a trailer is an art.  Just the right amount of tweaking, and a good trailer can make an awful film look like a leprechaun’s pot of gold.  But while they have a reputation for playing better than the material they tease, trailers will sometimes lead to a magical experience at the end of the rainbow. 

Over the next ten days, I want to highlight some excellent trailers that led to great times watching the movies.  This is not a definitive list by any means; merely a chance to enjoy everyone’s favorite part of going to the movies. 

First up: Independence Day (coming later today)


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