The “Fuming Pew” had, at one time, represented an image I had of a frustrated evangelical sitting in his seat at church, and that my entries here would serve as “dispatches” from that pew after the lights had gone out,  and the janitor has locked the doors.

What it has become is a chance to learn through writing.  I am more interested in the things that bring us together, and though divisive hot points might make their way onto the page, I am always interested in the voice of dissent, so long as it behaves itself.

I’ve called myself a writer since the age of twelve, but it wasn’t till 2006 that I began to find people interested in giving me money to do it.  I freelance just about everything, though I do work for a non-profit that likes to hand me assignments.  I enjoy movies, and have even tried to crack a screenplay or two of my own. I used to write movie reviews for Infuze magazine before its unfortunate demise.  I still write reviews, always interested in discerning and articulating the meaning behind those that move me, and learning what repulses me in order to avoid similar traps in my own work.

Welcome to my forum.


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