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When Trailers Strike Gold – Part 8 The Empire Strikes Back

Switching gears to finish out the last three – I first saw the following trailers after watching their respective films, but their quality remains strong enough that they can still generate enough excitement and suspense to make you sit down and enjoy them all over again. 

I can imagine myself back in 1979, lucky enough to catch this at the theater. I’d’ve gone bananas. Using only a montage of Ralph McQuarrie’s production paintings, the teaser returns you to a galaxy far, far away better than any piece of actual footage. 

The genius of this trailer is that it places you right inside the world of the film, reintroducing you to characters you love without trying to sell you with stars or directors.  It just makes a promise; one it delivered with stunning surprise. 

Written by Lawrence Kasdan (Raiders of the Lost Ark), Empire remains the richest and strongest entry in the Star Wars Saga.  Would that Lucas could have fully delivered on the monumental potential laid down by this film.


Looks like a live-action STAR WARS series might actually happen

I’ve learned to never get my hopes up when it comes to George Lucas, but it looks like he’s finally going to deliver on the promise of a live-action Star Wars series, set to take place between episodes III and IV.  According to Aint It Cool News, Lucas has started casting

I would really like to know the names of the writers Lucas has assembled to put this together — it could tell a lot about what he’s shooting for.  I don’t see anything up in IMDB yet, but a search for “Star Wars” yields 116 results, so I might have missed it. 

So, as with J.J. Abram’s Star Trek and Dark Tower projects, I’m maintaining cautious optimism.  C’mon, it’s Star Wars.  A nerd just can’t help himself.

Where Have You Gone, George Lucas?

Can anymore be said about George Lucas?  A new documentary, The People vs. George Lucas, thinks there is.  Either that, or it’s a chance for fans and critical producers to unload a serious consignment of anger, frustration and confusion at a man whom many believe betrayed a generation of filmgoers. 

Assembling interviews with Skywalking author Dale Pollock, producer Gary Kurtz, actor David Prowse, as well as a wide assortment of fandom, the documentary film takes a critical gander at the creator of Star Wars, his mad push into merchandizing, his choppy career, and the poor reception of his prequel trilogy. 

The myth behind the maker makes for a story as compelling as his farm boy fairy tale.  Ask any three fans (…more)


So I’ve been busy writing. I have a short editorial on George Lucas I want to try to get posted to Blogcritics by tomorrow. Two more grant assignments came down the pike, which will help pay the bills. The screener for THE WHOLE SHOOTIN MATCH finally arrived and I need to sit down and watch that.

So stuff’s on the way.

In other news, I ran across an interview with Bono (via Looking Closer) that reminded me just how far to the left he can tilt. I plugged John Williams into Pandora, and Gershwin came out (very cool).  And Christianity Today has a movie blog.

Later, homes.

When the trailer was better than the movie

Number 1 – Star Wars, Episode One: The Phantom Menace 

Those of us who were Star Wars fans even before the resurgence in the early 90s lived in a minor, tepid state of anticipation for George Lucas to go back and tell the prequel trilogy. 

This teaser was the first glimpse anyone had really received of the long-awaited Episode One.  And it so tingles with the essence of what made that original trilogy so special. 

–You believe it’s this…boy?
–He was meant to help you.
–Anakin Skywalker, meet Obi-Wan Kenobi. 

It’s just so hard to believe what we got in the end was a shrill Jar Jar, and a space farmboy shouting “yippee!” 

But, oh, that first prequel still had so much potential.  It was a hard core fantasy story, and Lucas deserves numerous accolades not only of the film’s groundbreaking visual effects, but its stab into a deep mythology built up by so many years of fan anticipation.  On its own, it’s great story.  The flaws creep in through the telling. 

Here’s the trailer (and pardon the subtitles).